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This following poem is a poem written as part of a poetry project called Poem press. Poem press is a project focused on presenting short but meaningful poems in a visual, literary and musical format. All of the backing tracks are provided by a fellow creative commons contributor called Kevin Macleod of All poems from this project are available for use in my creative commons poetry project. You can view many more on my Youtube channel.

This particular poem is my initiative poem. The poem is presented below in both written and video format for you to enjoy in your own preferred way.

Initiative poem

A trait so underused.
Stupidly abused.
With no common sense applied.
The dream surely dies.
The ability to stand strong
Upon one’s own feet.
No need for a handout.
Make your own life sweet.
Initiative is paramount
For those who harbour dreams.
For when the challenge comes.
You will see it how it is
And not how it seems.

© Poem Press

Thank you for taking the time to enjoy poem press. As you can see, i have a Youtube channel with a supporting Google profile and a Facebook page that you can use to subscribe or get future updates. 

Poem press is put together by Richard North (multimedia artist). Feel free to take a look at the Personal website showcasing all of my creative endeavours including Arts Web Show and Art divinity

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