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Welcome to the online portfolio of Richard North. Founder of Poem Press, Arts web show, Richard North media and Art divinity.

Seems a lot! Well, i like to keep myself busy. Thing is, i never really much liked my career as a chef. My projects always helped to keep me sane. Now, the collection of works is getting pretty big. It’s time i shared it all. Welcome to the world of Richard North.

As far as creative endeavours are concerned, it all began at around the age of seventeen. I wasn’t fitting in at catering college and didn’t much like my situation. I was a total dreamer back then and i guess, i realised i had to develop a worthwhile skill if i was to ever change anything.

The first skill to  be developed  was drawing and painting. I committed as much spare time to it as possible and within a year, i was producing some up to sale standard works.

Next was music. I picked up my guitar i got at sixteen and started to practice. I was writing songs pretty quickly. I really don’t like wasting time!

Then we enter the age of Arts Web Show. This is the point where multimedia became my thing. This Youtube project brought poetry, drama, comedy, photography and video editing into my sphere of influence. This all culminated in ‘The Arts Web Show’. This involved two twelve part series and when i can really get back to it! I will be doing a season 3 (professionally!)

Next came my Richard North Media Project. This is another Youtube project. However, this is focused more directly on me and the developing of my craft. It is a full creative commons site, therefore i offer use of most of my material including my full fine art portfolio.

More recently came Art divinity, this is a graphic design business still in the late stages of development, though fully active with its own Ebay store. In this project i produce graphic designs of a wide variety of styles and services. I have big plans with this one.

Finally we reach the final and biggest of my projects. Poem Press is a rapidly growing collections of Poems, they all all produced by myself, they are all produced simply. With over 1,000 videos uploaded in the first year Poem Press will become a dominant presence on Youtube.

Do feel free to click the links over to the other sites and thank you kindly for taking the time to read this page. Videos are posted to this site daily. Do tune in or subscribe to keep up to date on new material.

Thank you kindly.
Richard North




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