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Top ten poems – Poem Press

Top ten poems | Top ten poems

Welcome to my top ten poems, brought to you by Richard North of Poem Press. This is ten of my handpicked favourite poems to share with you on this website. These videos are produced on my Poem Press channel. Here are my top ten poems complete with lyrics .

10 – Love poem

Love poem

A true emotive force.
All pervading, smell that sweet allure.
Rob you of your reason.
Turn that eye piece rose red.
To love, to live, to be.
Duality in unity.
Of freedom from mundane.
Lashings of the game.
Of welcome confusion.
Of candle burning.
Of night time passion.
Of love, of life, of timeless heights.

9 – Artist Poem

Artist poem.

I like the term.
A lightening rod of creativity.
The artist.
The conduit.
The creator.
The medium.
Bridging the space.
All creative thinkers.
Held within a persona.
To guide.
To transport.
To communicate.
From formless.
Into solid form.

8 – Philosophy poem

Philosophy poem.

Not who, not how.
Instead ask way.
The philosophers way.
To contemplate.
To meditate.
The meaning of this day.
What spawned all this?
What caused the action?
What led nature.
To unfold this way?
By divine chance.
To leave no stone unturned.
Yet never truly know.
This is the philosophers way.

7 – Allegiance poem

Allegiance poem.

Either you’re with us.
Or your with them.
You choose.
”where do your allegiances lay?”
What if i don’t want.
To choose a side.
”You can’t just sit on the fence.”
For the record.
The fence is the.
Most peaceful place to be.
It’s where i plan to stay.
Because picking a side.
Is the most stupid thing.
I ever heard of.

6 – Wolves poem

Wolves poem.

Never take a wolf for granted.
You simply can’t afford to.
For they have the edge.
And on the edge.
You simply can’t compete.
Their cunning ways.
Trump all.
And you’ll never.
See them coming.
A menace in the dark.
Always looking for.
An opportunity to eat.

5 – Urgency poem

Urgency poem.

Faster, faster.
We got work to do.
Deadline approaching.
Target miles away.
Where is your sense of urgency?
Well i left it at home.
Because i was in a hurry.
To catch the bus.
Ha ha.
Look, urgency is important.
That’s how i get shit done.
But it’s not.
The be all.
And end all.

4 – Musical therapy poem

Musical therapy poem.

We all seem.
To find music therapeutic.
Yet listen to the sad songs.
A form of comfort.
In times of stress.
Have you wondered?
When repeating songs.
Over in our head.
Our actions can follow.
The motivations.
Of said sad songs.
Some people hate the happy songs.
Yet those ones get us high.
I think.
We should speed the beat.
Speed it up a little.

3 – Extra terrestrials poem

Extra terrestrials poem.

It’s logical to assume.
That aliens exist.
And have probably been here.
Many times before.
Taking resources.
But did they interbreed?
Is alien DNA in ours?
It’s a crazy concept.
Though i do think.
That generally.
If an alien culture.
Is able to travel space
They must have high culture.
A sense of ethics.
The same as ours?

2 – Great minds poem

Great minds poem

All great minds think alike.
They also think alone.
Packed together.
A super computer mind.
Yet on the way.
To greatness of mind.
You need to receive.
The correct information.
To cultivate.
The greatness of mind.
That will cultivate.
Greatness all around.

1 – Softness poem

Softness poem.

Softness is required.
At times.
Toughness is required.
Even in your softness.
You yourself should be tough.
How about this?
The tougher people are.
The more effective they are.
At being soft.
At being gentle and kind.
For these insecure people.
Have absolutely.
No softness at all.
Merely the illusion of softness.

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